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said a deal is a deal. >> i don't see how it's an honest mistake. you signed it, we signed it. bart. >> reporter: bart riders are frustrate the. >> i just don't want another strike. >> reporter: they said thomas hock is out, chief negotiator. a new person will be named. >>> police found an 8-year-old boy and a man with stab wounds last night. he's rushed to the trauma center. man is out of the hospital. police arevered 38-year-old fairfield resident lisa this morning. she's in jail on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment and domestic vie learnings all felonies. >>> police say they found both victims on scott street near matthew drive after getting 911 calls about a disturbance. the investigation is ongoing and police would like to hear from anyone who might have witnessed what led up to the attack. >>> new this morning, san jose police are investigating a fatal shooting. police were called to west san carlos street around 7:30 last night. that's where they found a man who had been shot at least once. he was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounce
bad they just don't speak about what happened. >> as friends, we try to surround him with friendship, people he can come to if he wants, but we just let him do his thing and we're just there for him if he needs us. >> san jose state university officials will meet with the naacp tomorrow to discuss racial tensions on campus. >>> that storm that moved through the bay area last week is now moving east, at least eight people have now died with four deaths reported in new mexico and texas. the temperatures dropped to the 20s in new mexico yesterday, bringing icy roads that cause several accidents. it's not the only state being hit hard by the storm system. abc news reporter chuck severson has more. >> the powerful storm system is on the march across the country, heaping snow across the southwest all the way to the midwest. california got its first taste of heavy snowfall. the winter blast also swept over arizona. >> we definitely need it. it's good. we've been so dry, it's horrible. >> for those outside, it's miserable. snow cover and icy roads have caused hundreds of accidents, some of t
-to-upper 50's. >> it is quiet with a few extra cars on the road starting to load things up. however, we don't have any accidents and that is exactly what we like to do when we stat our weekend. in san jose, though, mountain view has construction that will be with us for another hour, eastbound 237, to northbound highway 85, you will find that shut down detours in place. at 680 northbound this construction project is wrapping up and crow can con -- canyon. north of walnut creek the traffic is flowing nicely away from pleasant hill into walnut creek and highway 24 junction. >> happening today, the city of san francisco is pulling out all the stops for a crusader battling a deadly disease, amy hollyfield is in san francisco to explain. you see the bat signal out there? >> we do not see it, it is not lit up on hotel right now but this is where all the action will start, in union square. his wish with the make-a-wish foundation will come true when he watches this newscast on tv in his hotel room. watch. >> we begin the broadcast with breaking news from san francisco's hall of justice. we need yo
yell and say can i have the kids? and i don't want to repeat it. after one miniheard boom, boom, boom, and i awake. >> deputies ordered the woman to drop the knife. they refused. they fired and she died at the scene. >> a save water supply is the concern now of the survivors of the typhoon haiyan after the disaster. nearly 1200 people remain missing, more than 3600 are confirmed dead. more relief supplies are on the way for the nearly 2 million people displaced. the u.s. has already delivered some 623,000 pounds of supplies. china has just agreed to send a medical team and two million dollars in aid. >>> philippines president says he's going to camp out in tacloban, the city hardest hit. he plans to stay until enough aid arrives. he is facing harsh criticism over his administration's disaster readiness and response. here in the bay area hundreds of families with ties to the region gathered last night to share stories and information. abc7 news reporter story. >> welcome to all of us with families and friends affected by the typhoon. >> everyone at this special mass at the church has t
protests were held in san francisco, oakland and los angeles. >> this time we just don't want to let it lie. things need to change. we want a different story because we dent want there to be any more andy lopezs. we don't want this to happen to anybody else. >> the deputy that shot lopez, shot him several times after the teen displayed an air soft rifle. last week lopez's family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against that deputy and against the county. >>> this morning homicide investigators in texas are trying to determine if human bones discovered buried underneath a home in houston are those of a 4-year-old bay area that grew newspaper the bay area. wendy marshall disappeared. she graduated from concord. authorities are waiting for test results to confirm the i. d.. >>> san francisco police are investigating the detect of a person found floating in the water near mccuff viola cove. the body was found yesterday morning by one walk their dog near pier 48. victim has not been identified and police have not released a cause of death. >>> parents, check your kitchens. locally-made bab
been here 30 minutes. we got tired waiting. they said we had "massive delays." i don't know what "massive delays" means. >> it took an hour and a half and they got all of the people to the final destination. it took a while because they had to manually crank the switches into place. they are trying to fix the problem. they said this is not wind-related. they are hoping for a 6:00 a.m. start but at this point, do not plan on bart. >> breaking news: firefighters in napa are working against the wind to contain a wildfire that caused evacuations of neighbors. the fire is burning near soda canyon road. flames have spread across 350 acres sin it started last night and the napa county sheriff awarded a mandatory evacuation because the track is only 25 percent contained. katie marzullo is working to get new details. show will have a report in a few minutes. >> a nine member team of emergency doctors and nurses will head to the philippines to treat victims of typhoon haiyan. the death toll from typhoon haiyan has risen above 5,000 and will likely climb higher. the storm, the most powerful
170 customers in her neighborhood are without power. >> i don't want another cold shower. >> reporter: as bad as this neighborhood looks, oakland public works says it was not at the top of the priority list. roadways like this one at fifth and jackson had to be cleared before the evening rush hour. >> folks are using see, click, fix, an online application where you can use your smartphone and allow us to know where there are counsel downed trees. >> reporter: everywhere debris is pushed to the side of the road, even taking up parking spaces for potential customers at ledger's liquor store in berkeley. >> they said they had 130 calls and trying to and a half along and pick it up as they can. >> reporter: a 50-foot cypress tree is still leaning against this home in berkeley. >> if it was one story it definitely would have come through our house. >> reporter: tree clears crews are working quickly but safely. alanguage, abc 7 news. >>> now is the time to inspect your trees before the next storm. if a tree in your property has been marked with a red "x" it's your responsibility to have tha
up these digital store fronts. they don't just advertise products. they are actually ten foot tall tablets that let shoppers browse for items and if they like something, purchase it right there on the spot. >> the moment you get to the place you want to put in your credit card information, name and addiction we push it to your phone and so it is not on the big display. it's all in the security and previousty of your phone. >> in the case of shoes, they aren't available elsewhere at the small. known's display offers same day delivery. they are using the displays to watch how people shop. >> they are encouraging people who go shopping to donate an extra toy to donate. lefty oh duals has been asking for donations. it puts up a upside-down christmas tree so they can get more toys underneath. the owner does it to create good memories of christmas. >> if you imagine a kid waking up in the morning without a toy, that's the worst feeling you can have growing up. a memory you don't want to have. you want to make sure there's no memories of waking up without toys. >> the toys collected by le
, the climber village in i don't cement -- in yosemite looking for girls that fit the wedding dress. >> the photos was dormant after the death and is just now surfacing. >> the only news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> including the heated debate as the city council takes up a youth curfew. >> messy problem for a bay area police department runs with new damage at oakland police headquarters after a [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natural, frozen. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a frozen safeway turkey is just 59 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. people across america are experof finish quantum, shine voting it product of the year, better homes and garden's best new dishwasher detergent, and now it
an embankment that could cause slowing. san jose is 87, and ini don't the julian street off-ramp, with a few headlights in the nobody direction. >> seven things to know as you start the day. >> and amy reviews her breast cancer diagnosis on "good morning america" and the lesson bay area doctors say all women can learn from her battle. >> a security flaw was uncovered that could give hackers your smartphone pin. >> a storm is moving across the north bay and mike nicco will tell you if you will stay dry heading off prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at coveredca.com. guys, you took tums® a couple hours ago. why keep taking it if you know your heartburn keeps coming back? that's how it works. you take some tums®. if heartburn comes back, you take some more. that doesn't make any sense. it makes plenty of sense if you don't think about it! really, honey, why can't y
delays in this area in the next several minutes but we don't know when this will clean up. make sure you use 880 as the alternate. our drive time traffic 580 from address to dublin has a buildup of traffic offer the altamont pass at 33 minutes 80 subfrom -- southbound from dublin and into cupertino it is looking good. from emeryville camera to the bay bridge into treasure island we can see more traffic but everyone is moving along at top speed. >> having your way, the big change that could soon come to a live doppler 7 hd near -- come to a mcdonald's near you. >> the antics of of toronto has his defense ahead. >> why this is a difference between men and women's noses. >> live doppler 7 hd is tracking the storm hitting the bay area and most of it is concentrated in the north bay and off the coast. mike is tracking the prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. >>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 5:13. a look from our mount sutro tower, it
a celebrity list that they probably don't want to on. >> , rolling out with the biggest stars to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at coveredca.com. honey? what's our son doing in the bennett family portrait? [ husband ] i don't know. [ laughter ] hey buddy? thanks! huh! [ female announcer ] here's to moms who know what a dollop of daisy can do. unlike others, it is 100% pure with nothing else added. ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ ♪ do a dollop of daisy ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, number one, president obama heads to the bay area to raise money and talk about immigration. he arrived if san francisco before headed to an event at the chinese recreation center in chinatown. he
pressure island. >> the artist rendering don't seem to disappointment. people we talk to or giving the barge a thumbs-up. >> i think it is cool. it will give a new look to the bay. >> documents said when it is done the barge will be an unprecedented artistic structure flanked by sails look like fish finishes. it will be boarded a month at a time to use as interactive space where people can learn about interactive products. >> it's a showcase. a floating museum for google it tie tech stuff. >> it includes several san francisco piers. it may also travel to other west coast ports. but when exactly is anyone's guess. google many even alied for permits yet and work at treasure island appears to be at a standstill. then there's the interest. if they build it, will they come? >> usually i'm exercising and that's my focus, i'm not trying to stop and relax. >> some promise it will be a unique addition to the waterfront. on pressure island, lilian kim, abc7 news. >>> caltran is expect to begin the demolition of the old eastern span of the bay bridge on tuesday. crews will begin by rye moving
have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. >>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning at 5:30 on election day. thanks for joining us. >> the weather looks nice. here is mike. >> delightful weather for november 5. no real worries. we have clear conditions on live doppler 7 hd. a few clouds to the north are high clouds that could roam across the sky. breezy on mount tamalpais at 22-miles-per-hour gusts looking down on san francisco. we use that as the back drop for the first forecast: 72 to 75 inland and 68 to 73 around the bay and 63 to 68 along the coast and interest san francisco. building warmth and very bright this afternoon. enjoy it. >> we have a new accident reported in marin southbound 101 a tour bus is stalled. we have a bi
have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. >>> 5:23. a picture from mount sutro shows how quickly the fog is moving into san francisco. we saw the bay bridge clearly a few minutes ago and now it is shrouded. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, here are seven things to know. the visibility is dangerously low in san francisco where it is change by the second. we will watch fog to see if there are flight arrival delays. i will have the latest on typhoon haiyan moving to vietnam. >> two, officials say at least four people have died so far in the super typhoon that knocked off power in several philippine provinces and cut the telephone
one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at kp.org and thrive. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. >>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:14. senate confirmation hearings begin for janet yellen nominated to be 9 next federal reserve chair to succeed bernanke at the federal reserve but rand paul of to tuck will put the nomination on hold unless the senate votes on his bill to audit the fed policy additions. yemen -- >> gift cars -- cards are in again. jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> they are more "in." certainly they are popular this holiday season and becoming more so. the national retail federation forecasting spending will total $30 billion
you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at kp.org and thrive. >>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:28. thank you very much for joining us on this veteran's day. >> a check on the weather forecast first. mike? >> we have a look at visibility. we have had patchy fog. it is nowhere near the golden gate bridge. most of it is in the north bay, half moon bay and napa and sliding down the east bay shore. it has not hit oakland and hayward where the reporting stations are. the fog is patchy. it is not hitting conquer and livermore. it will be thicker. from our roof camera, it is quiet in downtown san francisco. it is 64 to 70's inland. 62 to 67 around the bay, 58 to 60 at the coast. whole get rid of the low clouds at noon and transition to high clouds. enjoy it on this veteran's day. leyla gulen? >> we h
to finish and the only thing is, i don't go home with the mirror ball but making it to the finals was enough to win. >> "dancing with the stars" is goalie over but the store will be back for season 18 in march. >> how could she not win she looks so "glee"ful. >> how many of those actually vote for the dancers. we would like to see her dance even if jack is with her. >> no dancing around, we will get to the weather. could there still be showers? austral trending dry and we will not dance around that subject. a drying trend is in the forecast. visibility is okay. there is haze out there, but it is not a "spare the air" day and i don't see realing for and the radar runs you can see, the thick are mid-level clouds are coming in ahead of the system, and it is 49 in forest hill and coming in through the ferry ing, 53, coming in from bart, to downtown it is 52. richmond is 52, a warm spot, and san leandro is 50, and we have 47 in belmont and 43 in walnut creek and union city and 40 in pittsburg and 46 in petaluma and half moon bay at 43. you can see how beautiful it looks with the lights on the bay
miles per hours and spay i don't bridge is clear at 13 minutes between hayward and's -- and foster city. southbound 680 a few cars only making their way to the junction at 24. it is clear and accident free. hope it stays that way. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start the day. >> closely watched meeting with the sun today. >> lady gaga can be unpredictable but she that's for heidi? [ guy ] oh, yeah. oh, no. she's gonna love it, right? [ all ] no. she will not. four words: he. went. to. jared. jared? jared. trust us. now, step away from the jersey and nobody gets hurt. [ female announcer ] jared, the galleria of jewelry has a selection larger than ordinary jewelry stores, including unique styles you won't find anywhere else. the perfect gift... i love it! [ female announcer ] ...from an almost-perfect guy, that's why he went to jared. >>> blue are just joining us or headed out the door, he are seven things to know, breaking news, highway 92 is open at skyline boulevard after the recuse of victims from a car that flew over the cliff. the crash occurred at 12:30, a black sedan landed
. it was defeated, too, by did thirds of voters. inant, i don't, voters passed a sales tax increase to get more police officers on the street. the sales tax is up to 9 percent for seven years starting next april. >> now election results from elsewhere around the country, virginia has a new governor, new jersey keeps the old one and big cities have new mayors. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with more. katie, how do you make sense of this? >> the election is hours old and they are looking ahead to what this could mean for the white house in 2016. well start in new jersey, g.o.p. incumbent goes chris christie won in a landslide with a 20-point victory by a republican in a democratic state. he won a majority of woke, that families and a third of all democrats. the victory speech had all the hallmarks of a candidate with national aspiration. in democrat, democrat terry mcauliffe is the governor, a former party chair and friend of the clintons. mcauliffe defeated we cuccinelli a tea party backed conservative. athe republican party has two different versions of their future. two different paths tow
. >> if the tree makes the noise, i don't know about that but the driver does when the route is blocked. >> you can track this by live doppler 7 hd and install the abc7 weather app downloaded it for flow to iphone or droid right now. you can follow live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions at live doppler 7 hd and get weather tweets from mike and the weather team plus video forecasts and power outage information. >> vallejo police are trying to determine if the rain played a role in a gruesome accident. a man was hit by a car at product way and hogan and dragged by another car neitherly a mile to the intersection of stand ford and mini. the 89-year-old driver didn't realize he dragged the man physical he was flagged down. investigators say the victim was struck by a woman first in another car and hit by the second car and dragged. he died at the scene. amy hollyfield will have more on what we are lending about the victim next half hour. >> two men are in the hospital after the truck crashed off of a forth bay road, flew down 30' rain and speed were a factor in the cras
for him he would take offense to it like, what are you doing? i don't need this. >> there will be a vigil tonight at the school at 6:00 here in front of john f. kennedy high school and his family is still plan his funeral. >> a south bay family is shattered by a terrible loss. a bright young toddler was killed by a car while being pushed in the stroller on sunday on oak and vine streets if san jose. his sister and a family friend were in the crosswalk and a family friend's 13 year old daughter was pushing elijah in the shoulder and the teen was holding the hand of his six-year-old sister all in the crosswalk when hit and he was killed by a pickup truck making a turn. the teen and six-year-old were beforely hospitalized and elijah what pronounced dead. matt keller will have more in a report at 5:30. >> santa clara county district attorney is refusing demands to file physical any charge against four san jose state university students accused of bullying a black student. the naacp met with the university officials yesterday and the prosecution says that the students decorated rooms with nazi
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